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Simulate different pricing strategies to see how many customers will buy for certain prices

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Apply your optimal pricing strategy and monitor your performance with our web-based tool

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th!nkpricing - Evaluator

An introduction into the world of pricing. Gain visibility into your pricing and apply your learnings. Determine the right pricing strategy for your business!

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th!nkpricing - Optimizer

Automated price recommendations for your point of sale. Optimize your business results by changing prices over time.

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"Thanks to you guys I have discovered which of my tickets are overpriced and underpriced."

Marketing Manager

Swiss Ski Resort

"I was able to increase our ticketing revenue by more than 5%."

Ticketing Manager

German Soccer Club

"By adapting my prices to the demand each day as shown by the tool, I could balance out customer attendance and reduce overcrowded times."

Head of Sales

European Event Venue

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